As with the whole events industry, we have struggled with the Coronavirus pandemic even though we thought we had insurance and protection in place. Unfortunately, a pandemic was an exlusion on the policy.

The events industry is very strange, we have to order and pay for storage, insurance, t-shirts, medals, venue bookings, permits, safety equipment, medical teams, sound, and even loos well before the event.

At the moment, there is no insurance policy that will cover cancellations for Coronavirus (or other epidemics) related cancellations.

What is covered?

In the event that we have to cancel/reschedule an event, we are covered for the following (but not limitied to) reasons (unless caused by an epidemic/pandemic)

  • Adverse weather conditions for indoor events
  • Adverse weather conditions for outdoor events
  • Cover for transport delays
  • Key supplier failure
  • Any major incident deemed a health & safety risk
  • Mechanical failure or breakdown of key equipment
  • Malicious damage - burglary
  • National Disasters causing a state of emergency
  • Unknown works being carried out by builders or contractors at the venue which renders it or its facilities unusable
  • Cancellation or revocation of Licence or closure of event for health & safety by local authority
  • Cyber attack on Venue that causes an abandonment or cancellation
If the reason is not covered (or is COVID related)?

Each competitor will be given at least one of the following options:

  • Transfer to a new date
  • Issuance of a voucher to the value of entry fee (valid for one year and transferrable)
  • Option to convert the event to virtual event

For the avoidance of doubt:, if we offer you at least one of the above options, you will not receive a refund. Under no circumstances will the booking fee be refunded. Challenging Events have no responsibility for any costs incurred as a result of change, postponement or cancellation including any travel or accommodation costs.

Updated: July 2020